Tailoring the Perfect Fit
with Podium Tech©

for Every Skier's Unique Journey at Podium Sports

At Podium Sports, recognizing the individuality of each foot and the diverse requirements of skiers for their boots, we’ve introduced Podium Tech©—a revolutionary three-step system. This innovative approach ensures not only a fantastic fit but also peak performance for every boot purchased from Podium. With Podium Tech©, we’re dedicated to delivering a personalized and exceptional skiing experience tailored to the unique needs of each customer’s feet.

Step 1
Choosing the Right Boot

Every foot is unique, yet the market offers only a handful of boots. Our boot fitters—who have an extensive selection to choose from—will study your foot, analyze your performance needs, and select the right boot for your adventures.

Step 2

A ski boot is only as good as the footbed that lies in it, and it is highly recommended that every skier has a quality footbed to help contour the boot to their unique foot. Our boot fitters can choose from a wide range of footbeds, from cut-to-fit models to fully custom footbeds made in-house. You will notice the difference the moment you try the boot on.

Step 3
Molding, Punching, Grinding

Today, many boots come with heat-moldable liners, and Podium's expert boot fitters will customize each liner to your foot. If you encounter trouble spots in your new boots, PodiumTech has you covered. Our boot fitters will identify areas causing discomfort and, using our state-of-the-art hydraulic press, create space in your boot or skillfully grind away excess plastic to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit.

*Any boot purchased from Podium is guaranteed for one year after the purchase date.